Who you know matters!

September 30, 2013


Who do you know?

Everybody knows somebody. I know you know that, but did you realize how much untapped power that is? Many of you are sitting at home looking over your bills, and scratching your head wondering how you are going to pay them. You probably know someone that is going to do a remodeling job, painting, or getting a new hardwood floor installed and you have no idea what that bit of information is worth.

The home improvement industry is a multi billion dollar industry and most of the business is done by word of mouth. There is no greater complement to a contractor than that his own customers refer new clients to him. Think of all the large companies that comb the web to get people to tell them about their home improvement projects, and then sell the leads for a fortune. Guess what? Those leads are worth money and you could probably get a nice referral fee for telling your favorite contractor about it.

People helping other people is what this country is all about. Advertising is expensive and highly overrated. In advertising there are no guarantees for any successful turnout, and it is like throwing spaghetti against a wall and hoping it sticks. Referrals on the other hand are almost always a sure way of getting new business.

Keep your eyes and ears open and you will be surprised at the opportunities you have been missing for years.

Advice from Ringelberg Construction


Is this quality paint?

September 1, 2013

What about paint?

Paint is common and so misunderstood. Paint is used to protect and beautify. Paint comes in many different forms, for all kinds of applications. Why is paint so confusing to most people?

Always paint when your surface is dry and the dew point is low. It takes 24 hours for most paints to cure completely. Hardi plank siding likes to absorb moisture and will not paint well until dried out.

Professional painters may take pride in taking credit for a good job, but the majority of the work is done by the paint itself. A good quality paint is worth the extra money you will spend to protect your home. The majority cost of a painting job is in the labor charge and not in the materials cost. So spend a little more, to get a lot more protection for your home.

Oil over water. If you do not know if the paint on your trim is oil or latex (water base), always paint with oil over it and you cannot go wrong. If you can remove paint with a rag and rubbing alcohol your paint is latex.

Removing dirt, mold and mildew and old painted surfaces is essential in getting the highest quality job. Bonding to the existing layer of paint with your new paint is what painting is all about. Painting over mildew is useless and you will have no protection against it. Bleach is what totally destroys mold and mildew and its roots which can be 10 to 20 feet long.

Primer paints are specially made to bond to a surface and create a bonding surface for the next layer of paint. Most primers can be sanded and do not behave like an oil or latex paint. Proper priming can make all the difference in how your final paint coat will look because it is the foundation for your final product.

Oil and latex paints are made so that the sun, rain , dew, rain and hail cannot damage them. Chemists formulate a paint and apply it to a swatch. When the paint has cured they take a piece of sandpaper and test how long it takes to wear the paint off. The longer the paint resists wearing down the better the grade of paint. Chemists rate paints as to how well they stand up to the elements.

Modern improvements in paint technology have created paints that allow someone to paint down to 35 degree temperatures. Duration from Sherwin Williams is an excellent paint for thicker coverage, greater elastomer properties, and low temperature application.

Hand painting is a better and more precise method of painting. Spray painting is cheaper and faster than hand painting but there are a number of problems with it. Fine spray clouds travel in the air to your neighbors yard ,and cars, and the children in the yard. For every five gallons sprayed one can be lost in the atmosphere and float to who knows where. Obviously in order to spray paint you have to buy more product than hand painting.

Advice from Ringelberg Construction LLC




How a contractor saves you money

Things that a contractor can save you money on are, rent, blueprints, and labor costs.

Larger home construction companies have large offices, and personnel that soak up lots of money that are factored into your bid. If your remodeling contractor could use your two car garage for the duration of the renovation it could save you up to $5000.00.

Blueprints are costly and can range from $1500.00 to $10,000.00. Most homeowners cannot read blueprints and they cannot visualize their project by looking at them. A picture is worth 1000 words. Wouldn’t you rather look at a picture? Drawing a three dimensional rendering is far less expensive and captures and illustrates the wishes and the desires of the homeowner. Signing the rendering and making it part of the contract is all that is needed to proceed.

Communication is the difficult part of construction projects. The more you have to explain every step you need to accomplish, the more time and money is lost. When the designer is the same person that physically builds your cabinets etc, no conversation and explanations are needed, and much time and money is saved.

Most cabinet makers are good at building cabinets but they are afraid to finish or paint them. It costs considerable more money to hire two professionals that it does to hire one to do the same job. Contractors that have the ability and equipment to finish their own woodworking projects can save you thousands.

Design build Contractors take a job from design through completion and usually can save you a considerable time savings due to time used efficiently and reduced overhead costs. Even before the job begins it is possible to show savings of $1000′s of dollars to the homeowner in the above mentioned ways.




Advice from Ringelberg Construction LLC


Stain proof your furniture

August 21, 2013

Do you have those ugly discoloration rings in the tops of your expensive dining room tables, end tables and kitchen cabinets?
They most likely have a lacquer finish which is very poor at resisting water damage.
So, what can be done about it?
Kitchen cabinet, and the furniture industry knows that they can save almost 50% of their labor costs by applying a lacquer coat finish, vs. a polyurethane finish. Lacquer finish can be completed in one day and poly finish in three days. Lacquer dries very quickly, sands easily, and makes a real smooth finish. After spraying and sanding 3 coats of lacquer on a cabinet door you would think it would have 3 layers of protection against dirt and water on it. Truth is that each layer of lacquer melts into the previous layer and all three layers become one thick layer. No matter how many layers of lacquer is sprayed on a piece of furniture, it only counts for one coat. You cannot protect your cabinets, and kitchen, and bathroom cabinets in this way.
My recommendation is to take your damaged and stained furniture and sand it back to the wood. Apply stain or paint to the entire area and allow it to dry for 24 hours. Take polyurethane and apply a coat over the stained or painted surface, and allow to dry for 24 hours. Sand with very fine sand paper to removed raised wood grain, and other imperfections. Remove all dust and debris, and apply second coat of polyurethane. Allow another 24 hours to dry, and repeat with sanding and cleaning area for final third coat. Each coat of polyurethane is a separate layer of protection for your furniture. Yes, you now have a water proof coating and you need not worry if there is a coaster under a glass anymore.
If a child spills their drink on your furniture, it wont be an emergency because the polyurethane is protecting it for you.
I have used this method in my home, and the expensive furniture I want to keep, and it works fabulously.
If you have bathroom or kitchen cabinets that are splitting and cracking, there is a good chance you can refinish them and save them. First remove all the lacquer by sanding. Now you can apply a good oil primer, and apply several poly coats.
Polyurethane is oil based, so it repels water. Remember the secret that oil and water do not mix.

Infinity Window

Last year, I was hired by a big box store to sell cabinet refacing. I took classes to learn all about cabinet construction, and the best methods of engaging a prospective customer. We had a system down, and the aim was to get people to buy the system. If someone wanted something we did not offer, we would charge them exorbitant rates for inconveniencing us, or tell the customer they could not have that.
First the salesman made the sale by showing door and veneer samples, then the technician came to measure the kitchen so he could order all the parts from the suppliers. The customer was told it would take at least two weeks before they would be contacted again to schedule installation. Installation was to take a couple to 3 days. The price tag for a 24 linear foot kitchen was between $17,000 and $24,000.00.
The sticking point on the sale was the money. Customers were told that having cabinets refaced was 50% less than kitchen remodeling, and quick installation insured little to no interruption in the home. Customer was encouraged to leave kitchen the way it was so the price was lower. If you think you can not afford it, we will finance. Alterations can be done but it will cost you double or triple. Sales needed to be closed on the spot, because there was fear they would cancel.
Since then, I have moved on to resuming my kitchen cabinet refacing and remodeling business. My sales technique is straight forward, tactful honesty. My custom kitchen service allows you to build or create anything you want, without penalizing you. A total transformation often requires moving walls, or redoing floors, to optimize the beauty of your kitchen or bath. Most customers like the personal shopping I do with them, to insure them of their choices and their best buying decisions. Cabinets and drawers are built with solid wood, as compared to the particle board boxes sold in the stores. The cabinets are finished with several layers of polyurethane to give maximum protection against water damage. Embellishments like soft close slides, leaded glass inserts, lighted cabinets, korbels, crown molding are all treated as normal and expected part of the kitchen remodeling process.
The average price to reface to reface a kitchen that has little to no alteration, but includes crown mold, new door and drawer fronts, and new veneer on sides and face frames is around $13,000..Complete kitchen remodel is around $28,000.00 (not including the appliances).
We are a full service design and build shop that offers complete turnkey renovation. Keep in mind when totally remodeling a kitchen, approximately 4 to 6 weeks are required to build, finish, and install your new kitchen. My customers tell me that it is worth the final result that is a thing of beauty for years.
Whether you just want to reface your cabinets, change some areas and leave the rest or start over, and build a new dream, we can do it.
Twenty years of custom service to the Sandy Springs, Dunwoody area has allowed us to establish our business with satisfied and pleased customers. We do not advertise and get our work through word of mouth. It does not surprise me that you may not have heard of us. It is simply impossible to pay the hundred to two hundred thousand dollars to get front page recognition. Fortunately, the size of the company is not what determines the quality and expertise of your job, but the talents of the craftsmen that perform the work.
Everyone wants to know a good contractor. Feel free to call me for your next project.



You would think that wood selection is primary in achieving a beautiful piece of furniture or cabinet. Most manufacturing plants get their wood shipped in from different parts of the country.
Appearance of wood changes based on its place of origin, growing conditions etc. Often times the wood is not hand selected, and different colors and grains of wood are put together to build the cabinets or furniture pieces.
To make every piece of wood look alike, the finisher has a finishing technique to mask the differences. Masking the wood also looses the natural look of the wood and tends to look more plastic than natural.mccarthy 078

Our secret to making an awesome kitchen or bath is to buy all the wood at the same lumber mill, so that it matches very well. When the pieces match well, it is not necessary to mask them with stain and lacquer to create uniformity. Staining wood that is uniform allows the natural beauty and flames of the wood stand out, almost causing a 3-D look. I don’t blame you if you have not seen it before, because hardly anyone does it. People often ask me what wood I used on those cabinets. I tell them maple. They can’t believe it.

Call us and we can show you some of our projects where we hand selected our wood and got an awesome result.

If personal attention to detail did not matter, our babies could be raised on a conveyer belt.

How can we save money on materials while transforming the look of our existing bathroom?  Is it possible to incorporate existing features into the design for further savings?


Let’s tear out the carpet and get started!


What kind of flooring are we going to use?

See for yourself!

Travertine is a natural river bottom stone, caused by the alluvial fans at the base of rivers, after many years of being compressed by earth and water. The natural earth tone colors ranging from creme to a deep chocolate noche color make it an ideal backdrop for an upscale bathroom or kitchen. Travertine means luxury, and represents quality to a prospective buyer.

Travertine need not be expensive, and 90% of all customers do not recognize the difference between a high quality tile or an inexpensive one. Highest quality travertine has no holes that need to be filled like the less expensive choices.

Notice the full mirror above the tub. By sticking a maple veneer over the glass mirror, and cutting out some interesting shapes, allowed the mirrors to be framed with the cracked travertine squares. The mirrors complement the bathroom and match nicely with the shower door. From a generic bathroom look, we are made something special and unique. In addition we saved the customer hundreds of dollars.
It is amazing what can be created with a little bit of imagination and artisitic flair. Yes we have ideas.






We also repaired and renovated a custom pair of vanities.  Here’s a closeup of the one next to the shower-



If you’re in the northern Atlanta area, including Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, and Marietta, Ringelberg Construction would be pleased to assist you with your next bathroom remodel.