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How to undrestand the value of paint and painting.

Is this quality paint?

September 1, 2013

What about paint?

Paint is common and so misunderstood. Paint is used to protect and beautify. Paint comes in many different forms, for all kinds of applications. Why is paint so confusing to most people?

Always paint when your surface is dry and the dew point is low. It takes 24 hours for most paints to cure completely. Hardi plank siding likes to absorb moisture and will not paint well until dried out.

Professional painters may take pride in taking credit for a good job, but the majority of the work is done by the paint itself. A good quality paint is worth the extra money you will spend to protect your home. The majority cost of a painting job is in the labor charge and not in the materials cost. So spend a little more, to get a lot more protection for your home.

Oil over water. If you do not know if the paint on your trim is oil or latex (water base), always paint with oil over it and you cannot go wrong. If you can remove paint with a rag and rubbing alcohol your paint is latex.

Removing dirt, mold and mildew and old painted surfaces is essential in getting the highest quality job. Bonding to the existing layer of paint with your new paint is what painting is all about. Painting over mildew is useless and you will have no protection against it. Bleach is what totally destroys mold and mildew and its roots which can be 10 to 20 feet long.

Primer paints are specially made to bond to a surface and create a bonding surface for the next layer of paint. Most primers can be sanded and do not behave like an oil or latex paint. Proper priming can make all the difference in how your final paint coat will look because it is the foundation for your final product.

Oil and latex paints are made so that the sun, rain , dew, rain and hail cannot damage them. Chemists formulate a paint and apply it to a swatch. When the paint has cured they take a piece of sandpaper and test how long it takes to wear the paint off. The longer the paint resists wearing down the better the grade of paint. Chemists rate paints as to how well they stand up to the elements.

Modern improvements in paint technology have created paints that allow someone to paint down to 35 degree temperatures. Duration from Sherwin Williams is an excellent paint for thicker coverage, greater elastomer properties, and low temperature application.

Hand painting is a better and more precise method of painting. Spray painting is cheaper and faster than hand painting but there are a number of problems with it. Fine spray clouds travel in the air to your neighbors yard ,and cars, and the children in the yard. For every five gallons sprayed one can be lost in the atmosphere and float to who knows where. Obviously in order to spray paint you have to buy more product than hand painting.

Advice from Ringelberg Construction LLC