How do I remodel a bathroom on a limited budget?

July 23, 2013

How can we save money on materials while transforming the look of our existing bathroom?  Is it possible to incorporate existing features into the design for further savings?


Let’s tear out the carpet and get started!


What kind of flooring are we going to use?

See for yourself!

Travertine is a natural river bottom stone, caused by the alluvial fans at the base of rivers, after many years of being compressed by earth and water. The natural earth tone colors ranging from creme to a deep chocolate noche color make it an ideal backdrop for an upscale bathroom or kitchen. Travertine means luxury, and represents quality to a prospective buyer.

Travertine need not be expensive, and 90% of all customers do not recognize the difference between a high quality tile or an inexpensive one. Highest quality travertine has no holes that need to be filled like the less expensive choices.

Notice the full mirror above the tub. By sticking a maple veneer over the glass mirror, and cutting out some interesting shapes, allowed the mirrors to be framed with the cracked travertine squares. The mirrors complement the bathroom and match nicely with the shower door. From a generic bathroom look, we are made something special and unique. In addition we saved the customer hundreds of dollars.
It is amazing what can be created with a little bit of imagination and artisitic flair. Yes we have ideas.






We also repaired and renovated a custom pair of vanities.  Here’s a closeup of the one next to the shower-



If you’re in the northern Atlanta area, including Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, and Marietta, Ringelberg Construction would be pleased to assist you with your next bathroom remodel.