Let the character of the wood show.

August 21, 2013

You would think that wood selection is primary in achieving a beautiful piece of furniture or cabinet. Most manufacturing plants get their wood shipped in from different parts of the country.
Appearance of wood changes based on its place of origin, growing conditions etc. Often times the wood is not hand selected, and different colors and grains of wood are put together to build the cabinets or furniture pieces.
To make every piece of wood look alike, the finisher has a finishing technique to mask the differences. Masking the wood also looses the natural look of the wood and tends to look more plastic than natural.mccarthy 078

Our secret to making an awesome kitchen or bath is to buy all the wood at the same lumber mill, so that it matches very well. When the pieces match well, it is not necessary to mask them with stain and lacquer to create uniformity. Staining wood that is uniform allows the natural beauty and flames of the wood stand out, almost causing a 3-D look. I don’t blame you if you have not seen it before, because hardly anyone does it. People often ask me what wood I used on those cabinets. I tell them maple. They can’t believe it.

Call us and we can show you some of our projects where we hand selected our wood and got an awesome result.

If personal attention to detail did not matter, our babies could be raised on a conveyer belt.