Save thousands before remodeling!

September 1, 2013

How a contractor saves you money

Things that a contractor can save you money on are, rent, blueprints, and labor costs.

Larger home construction companies have large offices, and personnel that soak up lots of money that are factored into your bid. If your remodeling contractor could use your two car garage for the duration of the renovation it could save you up to $5000.00.

Blueprints are costly and can range from $1500.00 to $10,000.00. Most homeowners cannot read blueprints and they cannot visualize their project by looking at them. A picture is worth 1000 words. Wouldn’t you rather look at a picture? Drawing a three dimensional rendering is far less expensive and captures and illustrates the wishes and the desires of the homeowner. Signing the rendering and making it part of the contract is all that is needed to proceed.

Communication is the difficult part of construction projects. The more you have to explain every step you need to accomplish, the more time and money is lost. When the designer is the same person that physically builds your cabinets etc, no conversation and explanations are needed, and much time and money is saved.

Most cabinet makers are good at building cabinets but they are afraid to finish or paint them. It costs considerable more money to hire two professionals that it does to hire one to do the same job. Contractors that have the ability and equipment to finish their own woodworking projects can save you thousands.

Design build Contractors take a job from design through completion and usually can save you a considerable time savings due to time used efficiently and reduced overhead costs. Even before the job begins it is possible to show savings of $1000′s of dollars to the homeowner in the above mentioned ways.




Advice from Ringelberg Construction LLC