What about cabinet refacing?

August 21, 2013

Infinity Window

Last year, I was hired by a big box store to sell cabinet refacing. I took classes to learn all about cabinet construction, and the best methods of engaging a prospective customer. We had a system down, and the aim was to get people to buy the system. If someone wanted something we did not offer, we would charge them exorbitant rates for inconveniencing us, or tell the customer they could not have that.
First the salesman made the sale by showing door and veneer samples, then the technician came to measure the kitchen so he could order all the parts from the suppliers. The customer was told it would take at least two weeks before they would be contacted again to schedule installation. Installation was to take a couple to 3 days. The price tag for a 24 linear foot kitchen was between $17,000 and $24,000.00.
The sticking point on the sale was the money. Customers were told that having cabinets refaced was 50% less than kitchen remodeling, and quick installation insured little to no interruption in the home. Customer was encouraged to leave kitchen the way it was so the price was lower. If you think you can not afford it, we will finance. Alterations can be done but it will cost you double or triple. Sales needed to be closed on the spot, because there was fear they would cancel.
Since then, I have moved on to resuming my kitchen cabinet refacing and remodeling business. My sales technique is straight forward, tactful honesty. My custom kitchen service allows you to build or create anything you want, without penalizing you. A total transformation often requires moving walls, or redoing floors, to optimize the beauty of your kitchen or bath. Most customers like the personal shopping I do with them, to insure them of their choices and their best buying decisions. Cabinets and drawers are built with solid wood, as compared to the particle board boxes sold in the stores. The cabinets are finished with several layers of polyurethane to give maximum protection against water damage. Embellishments like soft close slides, leaded glass inserts, lighted cabinets, korbels, crown molding are all treated as normal and expected part of the kitchen remodeling process.
The average price to reface to reface a kitchen that has little to no alteration, but includes crown mold, new door and drawer fronts, and new veneer on sides and face frames is around $13,000..Complete kitchen remodel is around $28,000.00 (not including the appliances).
We are a full service design and build shop that offers complete turnkey renovation. Keep in mind when totally remodeling a kitchen, approximately 4 to 6 weeks are required to build, finish, and install your new kitchen. My customers tell me that it is worth the final result that is a thing of beauty for years.
Whether you just want to reface your cabinets, change some areas and leave the rest or start over, and build a new dream, we can do it.
Twenty years of custom service to the Sandy Springs, Dunwoody area has allowed us to establish our business with satisfied and pleased customers. We do not advertise and get our work through word of mouth. It does not surprise me that you may not have heard of us. It is simply impossible to pay the hundred to two hundred thousand dollars to get front page recognition. Fortunately, the size of the company is not what determines the quality and expertise of your job, but the talents of the craftsmen that perform the work.
Everyone wants to know a good contractor. Feel free to call me for your next project.